Questions And Answers About Vertical Lathe

- May 23, 2019-

1. What are the main differences between single column and double column?

In vertical vehicles, the main difference between single and double columns is in the structure, performance and use of these three.If, from the point of view of its structure, the single column is a single vertical tool holder plus side tool holder, and the double column type is a double vertical tool holder.Therefore, at this point, we should have a clear understanding and correct understanding.

2. How to make the workpiece have good surface roughness?

It is very simple, want to install a power mill head only in stand lathe, can realize.In addition, an electric motor larhe be installed on the pallet to help achieve this goal and improve the quality and effect of the vertical lathe.

3. Is there any starting sequence for the upright lathe?

From a professional point of view, the answer to this question is no, that is, it is not what boot sequence, because, there is no provisions in this respect.However, if speaking from the operation experience, the more reasonable starting sequence is: press the emergency stop -- the total power supply of the electric cabinet -- press the system start of the operation panel -- the machine tool starts -- loosen the emergency stop -- return to zero.