Radial Drilling Machine Is Intended For Drilling Medium To Large And Heavy Work Pieces.

- Jun 29, 2018-

The machine consists of a heavy, round, vertical column mounted on a large base. The column supports a radial arm which can be raised and lowered to accommodate work pieces of different height. The arm may be swung around at any position over the work bed. The drill head containing mechanism for rotating and feeding the drill is mounted on a radial arm and can be moved horizontally on the guide ways and can be clamped at any desired position. These three movements in a radial drilling machine can be combined together to permit the drill to be located at any desired point on the work piece for drilling the hole. When several holes are drilled on a large work piece, the position of the arm and drill head is altered so that the drill spindle may be moved from one position to the other after drilling the hole without altering the setting of the work. This versatility of the machine allows it to work on large work pieces. The work may be mounted on the table or when the job is large it may be placed on the floor or in a pit. The figure illustrates a radial drilling machine with its principal parts.