Rotary Table Applications

- Jul 20, 2018-

Rotary table can be referred to as a turntable or a fourth axis, is a machine tool accessories. Its countertops can be rotated throughclamp the workpiece to achieve rotation and indexing positioning and other functions, so it's still quite a lot of applications.

Rotary table, here referred to as the turntable, if you press the function points can generally be divided into two types, general purposeand precision turntable turntable, the following brief introduction to these two.1 Universal Turntable
It can be used on boring, drilling or milling, is a more important accessory is primarily used for machining holes, slots, and slope, but partakers of the requirements, in addition to the circular surface can be processed, circular ducts . Of its kind, can be divided intohorizontal turntable, turntable and universal vertical and horizontal turntable.
Vertical and horizontal turntable: In its bottom surface, with two mutually perpendicular mounting base, so that the table can be bothhorizontally and vertically placed.
Universal turret: its surface, in the range of 0 to 90 degrees, may be inclined at any angle, the workpiece can be adjusted to any angle,and are easy to adjust.
2 Precision Turntable
Mainly used in precision machine tools, processing or angle measurement, the type optical turntable, digital turntable and ultra-precision face-gear turntable, where ultra-precision indexing precision face-gear turntable up to ± 0.01 ", is mainly used as a precisionangle measurement, while digital turntable, the digital display means, to be able to read the correct values.