Segmentation Of Milling Cutter

- Jun 16, 2018-

In developing countries economy is growing rapidly resulting in increased disposable income. Hence, expected to see heavy demand in automotive industry which will result in   more investment in manufacturing sector and related Machine tools like Milling Cutters, and that is the key factor for market growth of Milling Cutters. Increase in productivity, improved and reduction of manufacturing cost can help milling cutter industries to improve their sales rate. However, Fluctuating prices of raw material and shortage of skilled labor in manufacturing industry is a shortcoming of milling cutter manufacturers.  High speed steel milling cutters is gaining popularity across the globe due to their ability to cut in all directions. Growing demand of high speed metal cutting tools and metal fabricated products has a strong potential in increasing the market revenue of milling cutters in future as they can withstand high temperature and used for cutting, forming and working metal components.

Segmentation of Milling Cutter by constructional tooth feature: Solid Teeth, Inserted Teeth, Tripped Teeth, Segmentation of milling cutter by helix direction:, Straight or Parallel, Right hand helical, Alternate Helical, Segmentation of milling cutter by direction of rotation:, Right Hand Rotational, Left Hand Rotational, Segmentation of Milling Cutter by end Geometry:, Square End, Ball Nose, Radius Tip, Chamfer Tip; Segmentation of Milling Cutters by Application: Automotive Industry, Aerospace Industry, Shipping Industry, Equipment Manufacturing, Metal and Material Processing, Other;