Smart Machines Boost Industry

- Jun 12, 2018-

Government official says advanced computer technology is helping to advance the efficiency of manufacturing

Advanced computer numerical control machine tools, or CNCs, have boosted China's key manufacturing sectors and added more than 70.6 billion yuan ($10.3 billion; 9.2 billion euros;£8.1 billion) to industrial output over the past eight years, a senior government official told a media briefing on June 26.

CNC machining is the automated process in the manufacturing sector, where computers are used to control machine tools such as lathes, mills and grinders.

The rapidly progressing local CNC technology is also breaking into a market dominated by foreign technology. According to Lu, domestic high-tier CNC technology has caught up with international standards, and its market share of the Chinese market has expanded from 1 percent to 5 percent. It has been applied in massive production in important sectors such as aeronautics, astronautics and the military.

Medium-end CNCs secured a quarter of the domestic market last year, a jump from the previous 10 percent in 2009, with total sales now at around 4 billion yuan in the past eight years.