Swiss Type Cnc Lathe

- Jul 02, 2019-

The four daily maintenance of the heart machine:

    1. If the diameter of the drill is larger, or the hole of the drill is more biased, the collet can be chiseled with several slots on the side of the hole.

    2. The machine tool XYZ three-axis ball screw adopts the P3 double nut preloading ball screw provided by Taiwan Shangyin. The two ends of the ball screw adopt the Japanese imported P4 ball screw special paired centripetal thrust bearing, three axes are Pre-stretching is performed.

    3. Adopt reliable and safe electrical components and professional circuit design to ensure the safe operation of the machine;

    4, the multi-axis chuck of the walking machine is mounted on the drill chuck and corrected, so that the cone surface beats the small fish within 0.02mm, and the four daily maintenance of the machine is followed by the cone. The cone is corrected and the V-shaped iron is fixed.

    Mechanical seals are primarily used for rotary seals of pumps, compressors, hydraulic drives and other similar equipment.

    The mechanical seal is a device that, at least with a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation, under the effect of fluid pressure and compensating mechanism spring force (or magnetic force), cooperates with the auxiliary seal to keep the swallow and slide relative to each other and avoid fluid leakage. Compensation for the metal bellows bellows mechanical seal of the auxiliary sealing ring.

    The rational use of all kinds of seals is very important for the accuracy and service life of the forward machine.