Technological Advances, CNC Lathes Are Rapidly Replacing Older And Traditionally Used Production Lathes

- Aug 21, 2019-

Some people think that the lathe is the only universal CNC machine, because the lathe can manufacture all the parts needed for another lathe, the lathe makes the workpiece rotate in the spindle, while the fixed cutting tool approaches the workpiece to cut the chip;Because of this geometry, lathes are very suitable for parts that are symmetrical around certain axles, which can get stuck in the spindle.

      CNC lathes can at least drive cutting tools under the control of g-code on two axes (called X and Z), they may also have a number of other functions, and there are many variations on the lathes as Swiss lathes.The act of cutting a workpiece on a lathe is called turning.

      As a result of technological advances, CNC lathes are rapidly replacing older and traditionally used production lathes, such as multi-spindle lathes.Numerical control lathe has many advantages.They can be easily set up and manipulated.They are highly repeatable and have excellent production accuracy.

       CNC lathes are usually designed using modern versions of carbide tools and processes.Parts can be designed for customization, and the tool path of a machine tool is usually programmed using CAD or CAM processes.However, programmers can also manually design parts or tool paths.The resulting computer files are then uploaded to the CNC machine, which is then automatically generated into the required parts of its design.