The Best Working Environment For Economical Horizontal Lathe

- Jun 05, 2018-

1, the choice of economic Horizontal Lathe location

The choice of economic Horizontal Lathe position away from the fire source, vibration source, to avoid prolonged refraction of the sun, so as to avoid the impact of ultraviolet light. The whole environment to dry and ventilated, economical Horizontal Lathe can not work in the wet environment, otherwise it will cause high-precision Horizontal Lathe wire and plug wet, resulting in leakage, resulting in security risks.

2, the economic Horizontal Lathe working temperature
Economical Horizontal Lathe work of the plant environment can not be higher than 40 degrees, economic Horizontal Lathe plant interior is best equipped with air conditioning, cold or fan of electrical appliances, to keep the plant ventilation, because the temperature is too high will affect Other components of the length of life, high temperature will occur many failures.