The Development Of CNC Machining Centers In China

- May 15, 2019-

How about CNC machining center made in China?This is a problem that many people are concerned about. In the eyes of many people, the mention of CNC machining centers made in China means low price, poor quality, poor service, poor accuracy and so on.In fact, it is not, China's CNC machining center is also in constant progress, and to the high precision, high speed in the face of foreign machine tools are getting closer.

At present, the market share of CNC machining center made in China has been gradually improved. The cost-effective CNC machining center made in China is also favored by many well-known enterprises. After all, the gap between the import of the same type of machine tool and the Chinese production is basically more than 100,000 RMB.Today we are going to talk about how the CNC machining center made in China.

At present, China's vertical machining center mainly relies on imports of core parts, such as our common screw, guide rail, spindle, bearing, CNC system.The main reason is that customers have basically recognized the accessories of these brands. In fact, many accessories made in China, such as screw, bearing and numerical control system, can meet the requirements of most customers. However, due to the low market recognition, many customers are still reluctant to choose.Therefore, the accessories made in China also need continuous efforts and processing center manufacturers together to create a good made in China.


What about chinese-made CNC machining center, actually chinese-made CNC machining center is very good, we need to determine how a machining center is mainly according to their actual needs, chinese-made processing center, of course, also have some with low prices, poor quality, poor service to competition of enterprise, but the enterprise is sooner or later will be eliminated by the market, the customer is our fundamental, if just to pursue the interests of the eyes, nature is hurt themselves and hurt others.Therefore, Chinese CNC processing center enterprises should be down-to-earth, down-to-earth to provide customers with the best quality service, in order to win the appreciation of customers.It is the mission of our generation to make good efforts in China.