The Features Of Vertical Machining Center

- Jun 25, 2019-

1) Overall Structure

Bed, table, slide, column, spindle box and other large pieces are used high-strength Mi Hana cast iron materials to ensure that the machine has sufficient strength, rigidity and high stability.


2) Dragging System

X, Y, Z-axis guideway adopt Taiwan's silver 28mm super-width roller linear guideway,Small in static and dynamic friction, Small wearing, high precision on positioning, high sensitivity, Long service life, excellent servo drive performance, improve the accuracy of the machine and precision stability.

X, Y, Z-axis servo motor connect with Taiwan's silver 32mm high-precision ball screw directly through the flexible coupling. It reduce the intermediate links to achieve no gap transmission, flexible in feeding and accurate on positioning.

Z-axis servo motor with automatic brake function, in the case of power failure, It can brake the motor shaft to hold it closly automatically so that it can not be turned, It play the role of security protection.

3) Spindle Unit

Spindle unit adopt Taiwan 8000rpm high-speed spindle, Max.up to 6000rpm, with high precision, high rigidity. Bearing use P4-class spindle specialized NSK bearings. The complete spindle unit is assembled completely under the constant temperature conditions, All pass through the dynamic balance calibration and running test to improve the life of the complete spindle unit and reliability.Spindle can be achieved stepless speed regulation in its speed range