The Key Of Market Development Of CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Tool Industry Is The Reliability Of Quality

- Nov 16, 2017-

Advanced CNC Vertical Lathe machine tool is known as the modernization of the development of the most high-tech content of modern "Operation Machine", is to complete the production of skills and equipment to modernize the important basis for the operation of the equipment. Huaxia Mold Network shows that China is the world's largest consumption of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, especially advanced CNC machine tool imports High. The reason is that the reliability of the product is the key factor that affects the market share.

In recent years, China's machine tool companies to implement reliability skills, the reliability of domestic machine tools have been steadily increasing, but compared with developed countries of similar products is still significant distance. In order to change the current situation of machine tool industry in our country, after the implementation of serious special, to promote the reliability of domestic advanced CNC machine tools close to or reach the world's advanced level, to deal with puzzles the CNC machine tool industry skills to carry out the engineering problems, changing the world market competition passive situation.