The Machining Center Is Also Suitable For The Processing Of Multi-station

- Jul 23, 2019-

Some parts of high-efficiency and high-precision workpieces have little demand, but they are key parts. High precision and short duration are required.The traditional process requires a number of machine tools to coordinate the work, with long cycle and low efficiency. In the long process flow, the waste is easily affected by human, thus causing major economic losses.The processing center is adopted for processing, and the production is completely controlled by the program automatically, which avoids long process flow, reduces hardware investment and human interference, and has the advantages of high production efficiency and stable quality.

It is suitable for the application of four-axis and five-axis machining centers and the mature development of CAD/CAM technology to greatly improve the complexity of machining parts.The use of DNC makes the processing content of the same program sufficient to meet various processing requirements, making the automatic processing of complex parts very easy.