The Primary Task Of The Remanufacturing Industry Of Vertical Lathe Is To Standardize The Market

- Nov 16, 2017-

As a new industry with broad prospects, it is especially important to set up standard and sound shopping malls during the initial period to the developing period. In the symposium, CNC vertical Car production Enterprise representatives together thought that at that time, the first task of the industrialization of machine tools is to set up a standard shopping malls.

After using the concept of Car shop, machine tool production should be attributed to the machine tool after the mall, this is because the machine tool product itself is sold to protect the integrity of the production chain.

And the car parts to make a strange, machine tool production is mostly creative production, completion of the function promotion, numerical control, not attributable to the resumption of production, reflecting a higher value-added.

In this sense, re-production is the advanced period of repair and transformation, the most important criterion is that the production of the machine tool product performance can not than new products.

China Mechanical and electrical equipment repair and Reconstruction Skills Association chairman Wei Liancheng said, China's machine tool recycling business still remain in the repair, numerical control of the period of transformation. In particular, the repair and transformation of large-scale heavy machine tools, which is obviously difficult to form the bulk of industrialization. Wei Liancheng thought, compared to Europe and the United States experienced production industry, China's large-heavy machine repair and transformation is still in the primary period of production.