The Rotary Gear Sbaving Process

- Aug 02, 2018-

Gear shaving is a free-cutting gear finishing operation that removes small amounts of metal from the working surfaces of gear teeth .. It purpose is to correct errors inindex, helix angle, tooth profile, and eccentricity (Fig. 1). The pro- cess also Improvesmoth surface finish and eliminates, by crowned tooth forms, the danger oftooth end load concentrations inservice, Shav- ing provides for profile modifications that re- duce gear noise and increase a gear's load- carrying capacity, its factor of safety, and its service life. Gear finishing (shaving) is not to be confused with gear cutting (roughing), They are essentially different Any machine designed pri- marily for one cannot be expected to do both with equal effectiveness or with ,equal economy. Gear shaving is the logical remedy for the inaccuracies inherent in gear cutting. Uis equally effective as a control for those trouble ome dislortion caused by heat treatment The form of the shaving cutter can be reground to make profile allowance for different heat- treatment movements due to varying heats of steel, The shaving machine can be reset to make allowance for lead change in heat treatment. Rotary gear shaving is a production process that utilizes a high-speed steel, hardened and ground, ultraprecision shaving cutter. The cut- teris made in the form of a helical gear. It has gashes in the flanks of the teeth that act as the cutting edges.