The Spindle System Of The Drilling Machine

- Sep 18, 2019-

Scope of application: Hydraulic drilling machine is a kind of hole processing equipment. This equipment is widely used in high precision processing industries with high processing precision and mass production, such as die casting industry, computer case, mobile phone case, plumbing and bathroom hardware, automobile and motorcycle. Car parts: engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drum, brake disc, steering gear, hub, differential shell, shaft head, axle, axle, etc., pumps, valves, hydraulic components, solar accessories and many more.

Hydraulic Drilling, commonly known as hydraulic drilling machine, multi-axis drilling machine, and porous drilling machine, is a new type of high-efficiency hole processing equipment. The hydraulic drilling machine first appeared in Taiwan and was later introduced to the mainland. It has a history of 15 years. Many companies have never heard of it because they have not entered the country for a long time. An ordinary multi-axis drill with a hydraulic drilling machine can process several or even dozens of holes at a time. The drilling machine can automatically perform chip removal, fast forward, work advance (work retreat), rewind, and stop. It can be used for many types of machining such as rapid drilling, reaming, reaming, chamfering, boring and shaving.