Tool Rest Is The Most Common Auxiliary Device Of Cnc Lathe

- Jul 02, 2019-

The CNC tool holder is the most common auxiliary device for CNC lathes. It can make the CNC lathe complete a variety of or even all the machining processes in the workpiece one-time clamping, in order to shorten the auxiliary time of the machining and reduce the number of workpieces installed during the machining process. The resulting error, thereby improving the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool.

The development trend of CNC tool holders is: With the development of CNC lathes, CNC tool holders have begun to develop in the direction of rapid tool change, electro-hydraulic combined drive and servo drive.

10 station turret

10 station turret

At present, the domestic CNC tool holders are mainly electric, and are divided into vertical and horizontal. Vertical tool holders are available in four or six stations, mainly for simple CNC lathes; horizontal tool holders have eight, ten, twelve and other stations, which can be rotated in the positive and negative directions. Functional CNC lathe. In addition, the horizontal tool holder also has a hydraulic tool holder and a servo driven tool holder.

Market analysis of CNC tool holders: Domestic CNC lathes will develop to medium and high-grade in the future, mid-range adopts popular CNC tool holders, high-grade power tool holders, hydraulic cutter holders, servo tool holders, vertical tool holders, etc. In recent years, the demand has reached 10,000 to 50,000 units