Vertical Lathe Types, Characteristics And Maintenance Instructions

- Jul 23, 2018-

Vertical lathe, which is a large-scale machinery and equipment, primarily used for the processing of large and heavy workpieces, and the radial size is relatively large, but relatively small axial dimension of the workpiece, such as a variety of plates, round and set classthe end surface of the workpiece, the cylindrical surface and the like. Furthermore, if it is used in conjunction with some additionalmeans, then can be processed threading, car spherical contour and milling, grinding and the like.
1 species

Vertical lathe can generally be divided into single-pole and double-column two, if it is small, typically using a single column, if it is large,typically double column.2 Features
(1) the installation and adjustment of the workpiece is more convenient, and the table rigid, thus enabling a smooth cut. 
(2) good precision, and the machine is in operation, the fast tool change. 
(3) it can effectively reduce the layout of the spindle and bearing loads, it is possible to maintain a good working precision for a long time.
3. Use of environmental requirements
Is best placed in a constant temperature environment, away from vibration and electromagnetic interference.
4 Maintenance
(1) The operator must be familiar with aspects of the performance of the machine structure, the use of methods to prevent damage tothe machine. 
(2) To conduct regular maintenance on the machine and lubrication, so the machine can work smoothly. 
(3) When operating vertical lathe operator, should abide by the rules and safety procedures, prohibited illegal operation. 
(4) To prevent dust from entering the machine, in order to avoid making the machine malfunction, causing damage to components,even the machine itself.