Xi, Trump Discuss Trade In Phone Call

- Nov 02, 2018-

President Xi Jinping held a phone conversation with United States President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Trump said he looks forward to meeting with Xi when they attend the upcoming G20 Leaders' Summit in Argentina. Xi said he is willing to meet with Trump during the G20 meeting.

Trump said the US values bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and is ready to continue expanding exports to China.

Xi said both of them share good wishes for the healthy, stable development of China-US ties as well as expanding bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and they should strive to translate this kind of wish into reality.

Noting that the two countries have been involved in disputes in economic and trade areas recently, Xi said that the relevant sectors in both countries as well as global trade have been affected, which China is not willing to see.

Xi said he is glad that many US companies are participating in the upcoming first China International Import Expo in Shanghai. Trump said he supports the US firms' participation.

The two sides have resolved economic and trade problems in the past through coordination and cooperation, Xi said, adding that the economic teams of both countries should enhance contacts and push for reaching a solution on resolving China-US economic and trade issues acceptable to both sides.

Xi said he was glad to talk with the US president over the phone, and he values their good relationship.

Trump stated he values his ties with Xi, saying that direct contact between the two heads of state is very important.

The two leaders also exchanged views on the Korean Peninsula situation.
Xi said Washington and Pyongyang should be mindful of each other's concerns, and China will further play a constructive role.

Trump said the US values China's important role in the peninsula issue, and is ready to boost coordination over the issue with China.