CF3015IE Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CF3015IE Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

As the star product of HE Laser, IE series fiber laser cutting machine has a novel appearance and compact layout.It is equipped with Laser own intellectual property laser environmental control system and automatic compensation function. In every corner of the world, thousands of IE laser cutting machines are running in high speed and high efficiency every day, creating value for customers.
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Product Details


Cross Beam of High Strength Thin-wall Hive Structure

Uses high quality super-light cross beams to minimize working driven loads.

The high strength thin-wall hive structure makes the cross beam more stronger

The cross beam transmission is equipped with a thermal deformation compensation design, which can automatically adjust the parallelism between the cross beam and the guide rail to achieve a smooth running state.


Protect Your Core Component

The core component of the laser cutting machine is the laser. we use imported IPG lasers.

The laser is equipped with constant temperature and humidity control technology, which can increase the adaptability and service lift-time of the laser.


Solid Machine Bed Structure

Machine Bed of High Stability and Rigidity

The machine bed is made by hybrid welding of high quality steel tube and thick metal plate, which has good rigidity and strength to bear the greater load.

Steel structure machine bed has higher rigidity compared with cast iron bed, which can avoid structure deformation during loading and unloading process.

Technical Parameters


Application Industry:

The fiber laser cutting machine is widely used for auto manufacturing, rail, chassis cabinets, elevators, household appliances, kitchen ware, lamps,hardware, advertising, metallurgical equipment, metal processing and other industry which needs sheet metal processing.